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Montenegro Network

EURAXESS Montenegro Network

Whether you are Montenegrin researcher planning to develop your career in the heart of European Research Area, or you are from abroad, eager to taste the special excitement of doing research in Montenegro, our EURAXESS portal is the right place for you.

Use it to find practical information on entering and living in Montenegro. Use it to search and browse through extensive database of R&D organizations in Montenegro. Use it to find the right person to talk about your personal problems, dilemmas and impressions of coming or being in Montenegro. Use it to develop your career by finding the right jobs, fellowships or grantsthroughout Europe. Validate your decisions by going through extensive database offeringpractical information on working in European countries.

All services provided within the EURAXESS initiative, and in accordance with the EURAXESS Services Commitment, are free of charge!

Whatever you do, Montenegrin EURAXESS team wish you a warm welcome. Have fun ! Enjoy planning your research career!


Find your nearest EURAXESS Centre if you need further assistance.


The EURAXESS STARTUP HUB is a network of EURAXESS BHOs and Centers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Estonia, Israel, Luxembourg, Montenegro and Serbia, supporting scientific entrepreneurship within the research community.

The Hubs closely collaborate with national external stakeholders, which are relevant actors in national startup ecosystems.