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Medical care for foreigners is regulated by the Law of health care.

According to the Law of Health Care:

In the area of health care, the Republic shall provide funds from the Budget for health care of foreigners and staff of diplomat-consular representative offices, who are provided with health care on the basis of international agreements if such agreements do not regulate differently, as well as of foreigners who stay in the Republic upon invitation of the state authorities, during their stay in the Republic.

Health Care of Foreigners (Law of Health Care, Art. 31):

Health institutions and health workers shall be obliged to administer urgent medical assistance to the foreigner.

Foreigners shall bear themselves the cost of administered urgent medical assistance or other type of health care, unless the international agreement otherwise regulates.

For the use of health care referred to in Par. 1 of this article, the foreigner shall be charged as per price list of the health institution.


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Law of Health Insurance and Law of Health

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