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Health inssurance


Health insurance for foreigners is regulated by the Law on Health Insurance (Official Gazette of the Republic of Montenegro, no. 6/2016, 2/2017, 22/2017, 13/2018 and 67/2019)

According to the Law on Health Insurance, health insurance of citizens shall provide the implementation of the right to health care and other entitlements.

The aim of this Law is to create conditions for:

  1. provision of compulsory health insurance;
  2. stable financing of health care through harmonization of health service consumption and
  3. actual material possibilities; and
  4. introducing of voluntary health insurance.

Compulsory health insurance represents a part of the health insurance system, which provides, based on the principles of obligatoriness, reciprocity, and solidarity, to all citizens of the Republic of Montenegro (hereinafter: the Republic) and to other individuals the right to health care and other entitlements, in line with the Law.

The Republic Health Insurance Fund shall provide the implementation of compulsory health insurance, in line with the Law.

Voluntary health insurance represents a special form of health insurance, which provides, based on the principle of voluntariness and within established standards, special conditions of the provision of health care in terms of staff, accommodation, and the time of rendered health care, as well as entitlements that are not included in the compulsory health insurance.

Health insurance rights cannot be indorsed to other persons or inherited.

Rights to cash compensations that are due but remained not effected, due to the death of the insured person, can be inherited.

Insured persons who have rights and obligations deriving from compulsory health insurance are the insured, their family members, and other persons in accordance with this Law.

According to this Law, the insured are considered:

  • foreigners working for national legal or private entities in the Republic on the basis on specific contracts and agreements on international technical assistance;
  • foreigners employed by international organizations and institutions and other foreign legal and private entity on the territory of the Republic if it is not otherwise regulated by an international agreement, or if they are not insured as per regulations of another country;
  • foreigners employed by foreign consular and diplomatic representative offices on the territory of the Republic if such insurance is envisaged by an international agreement;



Ministry of Health