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    18/02/2021 22:00 - Europe/Brussels
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Description and duties Applications are invited for a post-doctoral position at SOCIB, the Balearic Islands Coastal Observing and Forecasting System, in Palma de Mallorca. In the frame of MEDCLIC project and in support of the ongoing SOCIB sustained ocean observing and forecasting activities, SOCIB is recruiting a marine scientist/oceanographer.

The selected candidate will be responsible for the systematic and sustained plastic monitoring programme at SOCIB, which was initiated in 2020 and which is fully integrated into the systematic (seasonal) SOCIB-Canales cruises on board the SOCIB R/V. The plastic programme is also closely linked to the systematic jellyfish observational program that SOCIB has established since 2014, in collaboration with CSIC (ICMAN and IMEDEA) and the Balearic Government through the Centre for Coordination & Cleaning of the Balearic Islands Littoral.

He/she will be responsible for implementing monitoring activities of plastic and microplastic debris, and for relating the observed variability in plastic distribution with ocean variability from observations (in situ and remote) and models and at different scales (from large scale circulation and fronts to mesoscale eddies/filaments and local features).

The successful candidate will be responsible for organizing and leading campaigns of up to 5 days aboard the SOCIB Cat to collect plastic and microplastic data in the frame of SOCIB-Canales cruises, study its distribution and accumulation areas, and study the variability of their spatial-temporal distribution in relation to fronts and currents, mesoscale and sub-mesoscale structures, as well as their evolution in time.

The selected candidate will be also responsible for establishing and contributing to the plastic database at SOCIB, linking it with major EU databases, and producing high-quality scientific papers and technical reports. The use of other SOCIB Facilities such as the Hurricane Zodiac is also foreseen for more coastal operations. This task will be carried out in close collaboration with CSIC and IEO institutes and UIB teams working on this theme and with the Centre for Coordination & cleaning of the Balearic Islands littoral, from the Balearic Government and other ongoing EU initiatives such as Plastic Busters project.

At SOCIB, the successful candidate will work closely with the Engineering and Technology Division to support the incorporation of additional plastic-related observational capacities to the already existing ones at SOCIB, with the Data Centre Facility to enable the necessary expansion of data curation, access and presentation, with the physical and Biogeochemical teams, and with the Modelling Facility to link plastics observations to the oceanographic variability and produce and analyse particle distribution models

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Note that interested applicants should send a CV together with a short cover letter highlighting their experience and skills related to the position to MEDCLIC-Healthy-ocean@socib.es. The appointment is for 11 months (with potential extension), with a salary pending on qualifications and experience.

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Specific tasks:

  • Implement the SOCIB Plastics monitoring Programme closely linked to the SOCIB Canales, and also with other IEO and CSIC activities, as well as the activities from the Balearic Government Cleaning Littoral Program.
  • Participate actively in the coordination and development of the SOCIB Canales campaigns
  • Collect and process plastic data (e.g. conservation, separation, identification) as well as contribute to the collection and processing of oceanographic physical and biogeochemical data.
  • Establish a SOCIB plastics database aligned with international portals such as EMODnet.
  • Relate the data obtained from the new plastics program with historical data in the western Mediterranean as well as with the environmental variability obtained from physical, biogeochemical, and biological data (including animal borne; sea-turtles in particular) and modelling.
  • Attend international conferences, project meetings, and/or business exhibitions.
  • Effectively communicate project status and maintain detailed project documentation, project management, including meeting minutes, action items, issues list, report to the project’s principal investigator.

Offer Requirements


  • Ability to work independently, proactively, and in a highly collaborative team setting.
  • Knowledge of project planning and management skills.
  • Strong English verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Experience in outreach and education activities will be positively evaluated.

Ethnic minorities, women, and other protected class members are particularly encouraged to apply.

Specific Requirements

  • Education: PhD, or equivalent professional qualification, in oceanography, marine biology/ecology, or a related relevant discipline with experience in marine pollution. 
  • Experience in the design and leading of oceanographic campaigns to take measurements of the spatial distribution of microplastics
  • Minimum of three years of experience in the analysis of plastic pollution and distribution processes related to ocean currents and variability in aquatic systems using both observational data and numerical models.
  • Effective teamwork skills are also essential, as the tasks will be carried out in close collaboration with enthusiastic teams of computer specialists, scientists, technicians, and engineers.
  • Experience in publishing scientific articles in high impact journals in the research area to be implemented.

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Balearic Islands Coastal Observing and Forecasting System
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